The One Who Sleeps Testo

Testo The One Who Sleeps

Seas are whispering the one who sleeps...
Gods came from the time before time
Their names are forbidden

They came to conquer
No wisdom...
No human wisdom...

Waves are singing the song of glory
Mirror of gore has swollen with the reflections of their might
Waves are singing the song of glory

Carved in a stone

Gods came from the stars
From behind the knowledge
Their book unwritten
Their words from behind the knowledge
...Sigil carved in blood

...Lord of decay
...Lord who knows no mercy
...Blood on the blade
...Pleasure of suffering
...I offer you

I sing the song about the place beneath the water

...The end unfulfilled desires
...The threshold of the unknown kingdom
...The age of destruction
...The pain of existence

Gods came from the stars
From the time before time
Without shapes
Without shapes
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