Porn Star Testo

Testo Porn Star

Damn shawty, look at you im sayin man is it just me or is it you got too much ass in them jeans? Aye a come on

[ verse 1 ]
Aye I been watchin' you awhile now and I just wanna find a way to make you smile now why you blushin forget about them other guys now I know you ain't gon' try to tell me that you shy now, now realize that your beauty could intimidate them suckas you aint got no business wit em anyway got such a pretty face big booty lil waist line I wanna grind from behind to the bass line have a great time pull yourself a shot girl chase it wit the line now your feelin like a hot girl I know your prolly used to dealin wit them wanna be's but honestly I gotta say im who they wanna be I promise all I wanna see is you up under me and we can disappear whenever when you wanna leave I can guarantee the ride or ya life any fantasies on ya mind we can try em tonight

[ chorus ]
Oohh yeaa sittin here( im lookin at you like that ) sippin on patron somethings on my mind ( you wanna leave wit me tonight? ) its been killin me all night long and I wonder ( shawty let me tell you what im thinking bout ) ooo girl I wonder ( forreal shawty let me tell you what im thinking bout ) it's the end of the night im thinking you might wanna leave the bar park the par and turn into porn stars

[ verse 2 ]
Yes, I love to hear about your interests I gotta say your intellect got me impressed
see your panties through your dress like a silhouette patron got me thinking sex is you feelin that? No disrespect though a simple yes, no and let yourself let go shawty let go pull up to the crib get you through the dress show kiss you from your pretty lips to your red toes time tickin it's the end of the night and you can leave wit ya friend if ya like but im sayin though and we can ride out back to my house I wanna see you satisfied inside and out once im in you aint gon want me to slide out ya tell ya girlfriends they gon wanna try it out a lil more of this will loosin you up what we cant do in the club we can do in the truck

[ chorus ]

[ verse 3 ]
Aye would you stay could ya play wit it wit ya tounge just a little ya such a sexy individual physical and mental and if ya sentimental should the rules bend a little and if you start at the top stop in the middle use a popsicle make you shiver giggle when it tickle I can talk to ya dirty if ya like that I finish once hit a blunt start right back I know you told me you a good girl shawty you's a grown woman not a lil girl you can blame it on the patron or the champagne but sometimes being bad could be a good thing.

[ chorus ]
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