Where You Wanna Be Testo

Testo Where You Wanna Be

Uh, ya know what?
On the real, uh

Me and you, we've been through
So much that we need to start off new
You need to choose, don't be confused
I think it's time, time that you

Tell me where you wanna
Be with me, or be with her
This whole ordeal is such a blur
See I was prepared to take a loss
But my heart won't pay the cost
You don't know where you wanna be

1 - You don't have to take my advice
You don't have to compromise
Cuz I know that you don't realize
You don't even see
Where you need to be

Be with them, all your friends
Claim the clippers is playin' Boston
I won't be sloppy seconds again
Do you want to play with me, or play with them?

Tell me where you wanna
Be in love Is that enough
When all the problems start adding up
Ladies, raise your hands if you've had enough
Scream as loud as you can if you've had enough
Cuz he don't know where he wants to be

Repeat 1

Why you say that baby?
It's all good show
Are you for real?
Come on man, don't talk like that
Ey, ey, hey I promise in all honesty, I honor you, you honor me
For better, worse, for rich or poor, whatever, it's gonna be
I'm talkin 'bout forever more, the rest of eternity
No need bein' insecure, I know what I wanna be
I know I made alot Of mistakes
But I can make 'em up (Make 'em up)
Unless you got your heart set on breakin' up
If I can't see your face then my day ain't even worth wakin' up
Especially with these haters and open cases, this time enough
Maybe show you attention is something that I ain't done enough
But you got all my love, on all our love, girl
I need you to believe in me
You need to know that I know where I need to be, ey

Repeat 1
Repeat 1
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