Yeah Testo

Testo Yeah

Esc Block Ent

Im In Tha Club Like Yae Yae Yae Yae Yae Yae Yae
U Poppin Pills (Yea Im On It)
X O (Yea Im On It)
U Got Da Dro
You Go Them Hoes
In Da Club Like
Yae Yae Yae...
Grey Goose (Yea Im On It)
Hold Patron (Yea Im On It)
U Got Da Dro(Yea Im On It)
You Get Dem Hoes

Hey Nuthin Like A Psc N Block Ent Party Nigga
Real Niggaz With Real Money
Fo Sicka Farraris Nigga
Have Bitches Everywhere
20s N 50s Just Throw Em Out Slap Em On The Daria
Blow Da Dro
N Blow It Out
If U See A Scrub In Da Club
Nigga Point Him Out
Tryen Hit A Vip Theres No Love We Throwin Him Out
Tell Them Play They Position
Niggaz Stay N Get Laid
I Roll Wit Real Niggaz Like My Nigga Kuntry King
So Dont Give Me Yo Lip
Hk On My Hip Make U Hit A Fo Flip
N A Bandaid Fo Your Drip
In Case I Wonderin On How I Ball Or Where I Stay
Boyz In Da Hood We In Da Club Like Yae


[Kuntry King:]
Gimme A Bottle Of Parton N A Blunt Of Kuch Im Good To Go
Im High As Fuck Im In Da Matrix Movin Slow
Yec Im Da Flyest Who Told You Da Oreco
How Could U Ever Doubt Me
Ask Ya Hoe She Know
Kuntry King Kuntry King Da Question In On It Mayne
Gettin Bucks All In Da Club Now How U Do Dat I Make It Rain
N I Got Some More Stacks Im Fin To Make Ya Stomp Bitch
Seein Money Dont Try Thunder On My Hip
Psc N Block In Hear Wit Tip Yung Joc In Here
That Means Mo Pill Poppin Chicks Pop In Here
We Over Here Yae Pimpin This Is How I Ride Poppin Rubberbands Got Da Drinks On High
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