You Know What It Is Testo

Testo You Know What It Is

(feat. Wyclef Jean)

T.I(Grand Hustle Homie)(Wyclef Jean-Listen Ev'ry Body Repot 2 Da Blodclot Dance Floor)
T.I-You Know What It Is
Wyclef-Hey Boi Dont Hey Boi Dont Spill Hey Boi Hey Boi Don't Spill My Drink Boi
[Repeat x1]

[Refrain: T.I.]
(Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey)Im A Reel Nigga Homie
Took 6 Figures Homie
Got A Pistol U Dont Want It Homie Boi U Know What It Is (Hey Hey Hey Hey)Im Way Flier
My Pays Way Higher
If They Ever Mention Sier Boi U Know Whut It Is Bout Dat Drama
U Dont Want No Problems
Ill Cock Dat Llama
Boi U Know Whut It Is I Get Money
All I Count Is Big Money
Cuz All She Get From Me Boi U Know Whut It Is
Hey Hey Hey(Chanting Over And Over)(Wyclef:Hey T.I.P Let Them Lil Rap Bois Know How U Does It) Hey Hey Hey Hey Heyboi U Know Whut It Is

[Verse 1:]
Ur Wait Is Over Here We Go Again Im Back At The Plate
Sell Another Couple Mill Take It Back 2 Da A
Take Anotha Mill N Put It Back In Tha Safe
Five Cash 4 Da Crib On Da Back Of Tha Lake
Im Up In Crusia 2 Steppin Wit Da Gat In Mah Waist
T.I Aint In Da Street Dats Fo Sho' What They Say
Dont Even Try Him When U C Him Boi U Have 2 B Great
Pistol Hit U In Da Face Ur Teeth Whut U Have 2 Replace
Thats If Ur Lucky Nigga Trust Me It Dont Hurt Me 2 Take
100 Thousand To Dem Haitians You'd B Murdered Today

[Refrain: Substitute Wyclefs First Talken Wit "Yo T.I.P Some Boi Wanna Playa Hate Let Them Know Who Tha King Of The South Iz"]

[Verse 2: T.I.]
They B Sweatin When They C Me I'm Apparantly Hot
Had The Album Of The Year Nigga Grammy Or Not
Remember All Day I Used To Stand In Da Spot
Now Wit Two Revolvers In My Pockets Picture Handlin Dem Rocks
Now Chart Toppin Aint A Car I Ain't Got
Number One Customer At My Own Car Lot
U Wanna Know How Much Im Maken Juss Imagine Alot(10 20)
U Know Im Probably Gettin More Than U N Da Mansion I Got
Listen Closely Need 2 Know If U Understand Me Or Not
Because U Disrespectin Me U N Ur Man B Shot

[Refrain: Wyclef Talken]

[Verse 3: T.I.]
Went Frm Da King Of The South 2 Da King Of The States
Ridin Roun' In A Car U Neva Seen In Da States
No Idea Da Kinda How Much Yaye I Can Brin In Da States
Hey U Can Get A Hundred On Em 4 A Million Today
Fred Lucas Aint Da Only One Who Made A Million Today
But Its A American Gangsta Right Here In Ya Face
N U Dont Wanna C Psc On Da Scene Wit Ak[T.I's Voice Dies Out]
Wyclef-Hold On That Shyt Too Exclusive

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