New Heaven Testo

Testo New Heaven

Fabio Rovazzi: arriva l’accusa di plagio
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Shadows are dancing for me
Celebrating the death of my humanity
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
I am fading away with my sins
With forbidden lusts
Feels like I'm here only to wither away
Catch my fall
Rip the pain out from my chest
Show me a new heaven
Lift me up from the deepest grave
Catch my fall
Show me that life is worth living
Reality is killing me
Vanity blocks my rusted veins
New dawn is nothing but a dive into a thick haze
Apathy conceals my passions behind black lace
My only joy... writhing in pain
Without grace
My vanity is rankling me like the chaps on my skin
Catch my fall
Show me that life is worth living
  • Guarda il video di "New Heaven"
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