Round And Round Testo

Testo Round And Round

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Round and round I go
Where I stop well nobody knows
round and round I go
Please don't tempt me no don't tempt me
Open or close your eyes
How do you want your big surprise
Open or close your eyes
Doesn't matter to me, it doesn't matter to me

Looks like the choice is mine
So where do I want to be
Tell me you are next in line
Cause honey you'll be safer without me

Right to left I look
I wish they wrote an instruction book
Right to left I look
Turned around so turned around
Searching high and low for any man that won't
let me go
Searching high and low
Wanna be that man, don't be that man

Looks like the choice...

I'll get my hands on you, I'll get tired of you
Then I'll run leaving nothing but you behind
You don't want this, you don't need this
Sounds crazy but it happens every time
I gotta confess why I'm such a mess
Love brings such stress, who can explain
So watch your back, avoid my attack
Get off the track, cause here comes the train

Round and round I go
Where I stop, well you'll never know
Round and round I go
Please don't tempt me, no don't tempt me
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