Eagles Cry Testo

Testo Eagles Cry

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Ready when yuh ready top shattas a nuh guy
wi ready fi die, wi ready fi die
Sen fi di eagle and di pressure wi apply
wi ready fi die

Nuff bwoy a pose like a shotta
and haffi hide when di eagle dem fly
Neva yet hear shot a holla
this is what it sounds like when di eagle fly

Wi have the fire pon di hip 29 inna di clip
wi ready fi die, ready fi die, wi ready fi die, ready fi die
wi hear some bwoy a sen threat and neva bus none yet
Some fassy betta know weh dem a try

Dem try fi stop mi dem nuh waan si mi go far
A fassy betta low mi cau mi eagle inna mi car
mi jus touch down now mi ready fi di war
suh mind yuh get a telephone scar

Dem nuh know seh bad bwoy nuh stray lef machine too far
go buck mi one a way when me and di hawk dem a par
Di red dot spot him and him still a boost war
A next dead wannabe star


Mi tell them fi cool but them still a sen threat
Is war them want is war them a go get
Say them a badman and never buss the eagle yet
A couldn`t me them disrespect

yo fassy if a war ting, cut up and scar ting bring it on
nine plus 1 punk the whole of them a fi you alone
me have a coffin round a back me want you fit it on
coulda name Al Capone it nuh matta wi a go fling it on