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Severe cold, the silence so deathly
High above the city
I don't say your name
You couldn't take it right now
Your tears fallen to infinity
Down there is nothing left
That could you hold back


I scream out for you
Don't leave me alone
Don't go
All those lights wont catch you
They're just blinding you
Don't go the last step
Remember Me and you
The world down there doesn't count
Please don't jump

I see the emptiness in your eyes
You think everything is useless
Not even the snow that falls down on you matter anymore
You lost your self somewhere out there
The dream of the end,
To start it all over again


I don't know how long,
I can hold on
I don't know how long
Take my hand
We'll start all over again
Please don't go


Don't go…
And if even this cant hold you back
I'll jump with you…..
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