Madame Guillotine Testo

Testo Madame Guillotine

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran

Running through the streets
The silence is haunting you
You know they prepare for attack
Can't walk around, I got to beware
Keep in the dark, out of sight

Got to keep running, time's running out
Beware of the knife in your back
Victim of hate, no one believes
Who cares what is wrong or what is right

Screaming vengeance, I want to be free
Murder or treason, what's it to be

Stand and stare so silently
Death awaits so patiently
Priest approach, the rites are read
Wait and see, the blade will fall

Running like hell and into the night
Wait 'til the time is just right
People are screaming out for revenge
The price is a life for a life

Fighting and screaming, bodies lie bleeding
Fires burn into the night
Years of restraint begin to decay
It's the law of the knife

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat chorus]

The tide of power has turned
Now you are screaming don't let me die
Silently you fall down to your knees
Scream that charges are lies


It's too late now, the angel of death hangs over you
Tears fill my eyes, you hear the blade slide
You're going to die
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