Pay The Man Testo

Testo Pay The Man

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran

Hey you, you'd sell a bible to the devil
Steal my bed while I was sleeping
Hey you, inflated ego
I want to be there when you get yours

Hey you, you're doing all the things that you want to do
Oh the mighty will fall
You've got a real bad attitude, personality that sucks
Subtle as a shotgun but you ain't gonna get to me that way
Oh so lonely at the top, overcrowded on the ground floor
Big shot knows it all, when you fall on your ass its gonna make my day

No sympathy, no tears, cos man you had it coming
No crying over what you got, I've had you up to here
Dance, dance, dance, you party while you can
You've made your bed so lie in it, time to pay the man, pay the man

Hey you, you're doing all the things just like you want to do
Come on down, its payback time
You've got a head so big no hat will ever fit you
You can talk 'til you drop, you should have been a politician
Got to be bigger, got to be better than the Joneses
Use everybody, everybody's a fool, gotta get yourself in the best position

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