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1000 Nights
1000 Years (Intro)
5-Inch Catwalk
Ain't Misbehavin'
All Work And Play
Attack Attack
Blackhearts And Jaded Spades
Blue Ridge Mountains Of Virginia
Boyz Will Be Boyz
Break The Chains
Burning Down Paradise
Call Me Angel
Chains Of Love
Character Assassination
Crystal Gold
Dancing In Blue Moonlight
Dark Night Over Paradise
Dead End Kid
Dead Of The Night
Death On Main Street
Dirty Faced Angels
Don't Walk Away
Flashpoint Serenade
Friend In Need
Gerald's Game
Get Out Of My Face
Having A Bad Day
Head Full Of Bad Wiring
Highway Passion
Hot Breath
Hot For Love
If Heaven Is Hell
It's Only Money
Killer City
Lightning Strikes (Straight Through The Heart)
Like You Not
Love And Hate
Love Struck
Loving You Is An Easy Thing To Do
Madame Guillotine
Make It Through The Night
Mean Streak
Midnight Rendezvous
Monkeys Blood
Moonlight In Martini
More Than A Pretty Face
Movie Star
Night Of The Blade
No Resistance To Love
On Through The Night
One White Lie (Live Rehearsal)
Only The Strong
Papering The Cracks
Passion And Emotion
Pay The Man
Playroom Of Poison Dreams
Poor Little Rich Kid
Rock Me To The Limit
Shadows Of Insanity
Someone To Love
Stop It Or Drop
Sunrise In Tokyo
Tears Are Not Enough
The Eye Of The Storm
The Ultimate High
Tokyo City
Too Much Too Soon
Tough Guys Tumble
Undercover Honeymoon
Unleash The Beast
Warrior Of The Rising Sun
Warriors Of The Rising Sun
Watch Your Step
Wing And A Prayer
Woman And Love
Women And Love
Wrong Chair
You Are The Heart
Young, Bad And No Good
Young, Bad And No Good (Live Rehearsal)