Give Me Some Sugar (The Dementor's Song) Testo

Testo Give Me Some Sugar (The Dementor's Song)

I saw you playin' Quidditch way up in the sky
So I got my friends together, thought we'd say hi
I didn't mean to scare you when you fell off your broom

You fell very far and you fell very long
You fell so long that I wrote this song
I'd just like to tell you
I'm sorry about your Quidditch match

Imagined us being the best of friends
Stay up late on the weekends
A round of Butterbeers without permission
I look at you
And you look at me
We get caught in the moment, it's that easy
You lean in close, your eyes, tilt back your head and then, surprise

I'd suck out your soul
I'd suck out your soul

Dude, come on, man
Come on, I'd suck out your soul...come on
Barkley, we're not supposed to deny our past
Glenn, that is bush, we don't want people to know
Dude, what should I say? I don't want to just lie to them
Just wing it, wing it, man

Just give you a kiss
I'll give you a kiss
Dementor's kiss
Give me some sugar, Harry Potter
Come on now don't be a cock-a-tease

Dude, you're supposed to say “Dementor's kiss”
It came to me
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