Voldy's A Softy Testo

Testo Voldy's A Softy

It's OK now, baby girl
You can look right into my eyes
Don't be afraid now, baby girl
You won't be petrified
I made a Portkey out of your home phone
Just pick it up, and we can be alone
Since I destroyed the moon
I put a Dark Mark in the sky
Light up your world with an evil twinkle in my eye

I am a Basilisk swimming in
The ocean of love
Baby girl, won't you give me a chance?
I'm everything you've been dreaming of

I don't know how to say this, but I feel so different around you
I haven't killed a man in like, well, at least two hours anyway
Well, that may not sound like much, but it's real good for me
But when we're together, I don't feel like killing anyone anymore
Well, except for Harry Potter
His friends, Ron and Hermione
Dumbledore, of course
Sirius Black, if he still lives
The rest of the Hogwarts staff, really
The Weasley family
Cornelius Fudge
Mad-Eye Moody
Remus Lupin
Any Auror come to think of it
Lilly and James Potter, if I could do it again
Wait, no. No, not you, I was only joking
No, don't go, wait, dark wizards really can change
No! Cruciatus!

You opened my Chamber of Secrets
You are my Sorcerer's Stone
Those are just metaphors expressing my love
I'm just glad that I'm not alone
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