Infernalcoholic Man Testo

Testo Infernalcoholic Man

Running down on the streets and I think it's all right!!
Shaking on my best drink and I get she's all right
'cause I'm a babe with a glass in the hand...
...only thing that I care
Running down on the streets I just think it's all right!!

You are behind my edge! Uuhh!

I would open the door but I think she would mind
I don't know what you want but I know what you mean
'cause I'm a worm with a tequila in my throat...
...I wish you tasted what I feel
Getting drunk in the streets I can't think it's all right

You behind my edge! I never told you!
It's up to you man...
Infernal alcoholic in me!

Infernalcoholic in me!!!
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