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Superrodeo Frog Testo Torquemada

Superrodeo Frog Testo

Testo Superrodeo Frog

Amici 2015, anticipazioni puntata 25 aprile: ecco chi è stato eliminato
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They told me what maybe she said
She's gone towards a new solution…
West and East, this is the real risk!
North or South, I'm always on the run!!

Maybe she's looking for glory
Maybe she's looking for madness
Maybe she's looking for glory or...
...a SupeRodeoFrog!

They want me to keep you in action
She has to get more solutions
West and East, maybe my best risk!
North or South, shakin'around !!

Did I have to hold you
Did I recognize you?


Scarica la suoneria di Superrodeo Frog!
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