I Don't Wanna Smile Testo

Testo I Don't Wanna Smile

Verse one:
If you're ever to leave me,
How could I breathe,
How could I ever go on?
If you're not here beside me,
Then what good would my life be?
This life wont mean a thing
If you're not around,
And don't you know that,
If I lose you there'll be no joy to be found,
This world wont show a thing to me.

I don't wanna smile,
If you're not smiling with me.
I don't wanna laugh,
If you're not there
To share the laughter with me.
I don't wanna live,
Without you,
What kind of life would that be?
Oh baby, oh baby I don't wanna smile,
If you're not smiling with me.

Verse two:
If there's ever a moment,
When youre not there,
Sharing these moments with me,
It would be such a sad song,
It would all just be all wrong.
The stars wont shine as bright
If you walk away,
And don't you know that,
There'll be no reason to wake up everyday,
This world won't mean a thing to me.

Repeat chorus

I don't wanna see the sunrise
If I cant see it with you.
I just know that there will be no joy
In anything I do,
This world will be too sad for me.
Repeat chorus
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