Lion Testo

Testo Lion

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I got my feet back on the ground
We were headed for disaster
Woke up, I got ready for work
You weren't around
I was fast, but you were faster
Such a night, feeling right
Nothing I could say
(Then you went away)
Have to know, why'd you go?
Couldn't even beg you to stay

Lyin' in a sweat, tryin' to forget
All of my lovin' for you girl
Lyin' in a sweat, tryin' to forget
All of my lovin' for you girl

Huntress, you compell me with your eyes
It's my heart that you're enslaving
Serpent dance
You really hypnotize
To the lion's den is the road for me you're paving
In a trance, saw you dance
And you made romance to me
(Don't take it away)
Took a chance, circumstance
And it wasn't hard to see

Chorus: Lyin' in a sweat...

You're the one that made me feel this way
So alone without your smile
You took my heart
Left my soul to pay
Just to watch me crawl on another smile

Chorus: Lyin' in a sweat...
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