Intro (With You) Testo

Testo Intro (With You)

When I'm with you, hey
I can't think of a better day
When I'm with you darling
all my troubles go away
You make me smile
You make me laugh
It's a fact!
I'm loving that with you!
with you, with you
my dreams come true

oh there ain't no mistake baby
I have fallen in this like a ton of bricks
I can't stop the pace darling
my hearts the crazy driver loving this
oh Im faithless
now the SOIL
are we in this togheter
Yes or no?
coz it's you, it's you, it's you


I'm addicted to, it's gotta do with you
I'm addicted to, no one but you
my dreams come true
I'm addicted to, no one but you

Bridge: Coz I am going down a slope I need to know

will you be at the otherside?
and if you want me to go let me know it's okay I'll just catch a ride
cause I am falling down are you there on the otherside, to pull me through
It's not just about you
are you in this too, I need you!
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