Joy Testo

Testo Joy

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
When someone very dear
Calls you with the words
Everything's all clear
That's what you want to hear

But you know it might be
Different a new year
That's why, that's why
We hang the lights so high

Joy, joy, joy, joy
You loved it as a kid
And now you need it
More than you ever did

It's because of the dark
We see the beauty in the spark
That's why, that's why
The carols make you cry
Joy, joy, joy, joy
Joy, joy, joy, joy

Dance around the tree, yes I see
The holy on the globe, life beautiful
The candles and the gloom, light the room
The story of the globe, yes, I am the stand

So light the winds of fire
And watch as the flames grow higher
We'll gather up our feels
And face down all the coming years

All that they've destroyed
And in their face we throw our
Joy, joy, joy, joy
Joy, joy, joy, joy

It's why we hang up so high
And gaze at the globe
Silver birches in the snow

Because of the dark
We see the beauty in the spark
We must be alright
If we could make up Christmas night
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