How Much Does The World Weigh Testo

Testo How Much Does The World Weigh

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Sat up thinking late last night
Do they have a way to count the stars
Theres a lot of scientific minds
they claim to know what all the answers are
But thats the case

How much does the world weigh
Somebody's probably worked it out
You could look up what all the experts say
But all you got to do is look around
Youll be surprised to notice
Ask that girl that trying to make the rent
pay the bills and feed the kids
Six months ago there daddy walked away
Ask that man whose family stayed around
When he finally put the bottle down
Now he fights that battle everyday
How much does the world weigh

The Human spirit is a funny thing
How far it bends before it breaks
And to keep the world from folding in How much strength does it take
Well Dont ask me

Ask that couple in the waiting room
The doctors say its still too soon
Its their little girl All they can do is pray
Ask that little boy whos gotta choose
Mom or Dad either way he'll lose
Breaking up and he thinks hes to blame
How much does the world weigh

Ask that man whos hanging on the cross
His last breath would save the lost
The answers in the tears on his face

How Much does the world weigh
How Much does the world weigh
How Much does the world weigh
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