But What About Today Testo

Testo But What About Today

But what about today x3

what about today i aint worried about the next cuz it aint here
im gonna live my life for everything that it is and try not to shed no tears
aint no wishing upon a star cuz i cant see them from the hood
and even if i make it away it still aint gon do me no good
my future remains to be, easy for me, it aint one to see
every where that i turn i cant escape reality
the preacher told me a darker past will take away the pain
but i aint got too long to wait for 23 years its been the same
now what about (yesterday) all i can do is pray
cuz tomorrow aint promising im paranoid with a k
i feel like im fading away and my eye stay too out of focus
so im living for today just incase you haven't noticed

but what about today x2

every day i try to maintain and hope the worst dont come to get me
today is all i can see and tomorrow don got me leary
a bad time, but im feeling my past times
and on top of my sad times im losing my damn mind
i aint thinking about no (yesterday) and thats the truth
every time im catchin a grip its like my life will knock me loose
cuz all my pain explains the true still i try and keep it going
today is what i can understand cuz everything is showin
it is what it is there aint no mistakin hopin and dazing
this life i live with me is real it aint nothin amazing
i take it like its my last and clear the rest out of my way
from yesterday and tomorrow and try to think about today

but what about today x 2

i know that i got one life to live and i cant focus on a dream
the past don put me on my ass cuz everything aint what it seem
reminiscing give me the trip i tried to block it out
cuz memories will be the reason suicide will take me out
this how one might be my last and i dont wan think about it
if its time for me to kno i aint gon try to get up out it
now days be so dramatic like my time be runnin thin
everytime i feel its over hard times keep killin 'gain
just like (yesterday) it hurt but i can take it
in the den below (??) my back riding ruff but i can shake it
will i make it, ill never know cuz my future will never show
so im stuck on the day everything else im lettin go

but what about today x2
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