Dueces & Trae's Testo

Testo Dueces & Trae's

[feat. Young Buck & Big Pokey]

[Young Buck:]
Yeah man
I'm so, I'm so Texas right now man

[Hook samples "3 Kings" of Bun B Verse:]
Dueces and Ya Traes
Throw up... throw up... throw up-throw up ya dueces and ya traes
Throw up... throw-throw up... throw up-throw up ya dueces and ya traes
Throw up... throw up... throw up throw up throw up ya dueces and ya traes
Dueces and ya traes, dueces-dueces and ya traes
If ya miss Pimp C, throw up ya dueces and ya traes

They say now the city is back it's something strange
Starch post sitting caught under something ya couldn't name
Dranking off inside the Range seats same color cocaine
With a chopper who understanding it's nothing something insane
Picture this whip flipping glass imitating aerobics
Panel rally roof this bitch in the back of me claustrophobic
Niggas pussy in my book tell em that was already noted
The crown is mine and sign the Houston the city already wrote it
I'm gladder than a jungle where other niggas get nervous
Designated in sewers where cellular's don't get service
Thankin house of where smokers the only place you can purchase
And such a put in the trap where the workers see through the service packs
Was never social all I know is my pen and my pad
I'm on the phone with momma C reminiscing too Chad
These niggas never get the picture they vision is bad
Nigga the truth is here only the [?] can question ya had

[Talks over Hook: Young Buck]
Trae what it do big homie?
Y'all know how this go right
Real recognize real mayne
The truth hurr!
But the real shall live in the...

Brother from another mother
And what that mean if you don't stand for sumthin then you goin fall for anything
As I walk in these stars jean
Pop my trunk to make they cars lean
The hood got bissar things like Rated-R screens
So my parental adviser into the youth is the truth
And back it up with proof
Don't nobody know what's happening till it's happening to you
Now they askin you what's happening cause it's happening to them too
Them gone ain't too many niggas ridin' but I'm drivin' Way Park
I got Bun in the passenger Trae let's pull up in they yard
I'm not askin for space bitches I'm a go hard
Now when your swangers stick out far they'll help you bo-gar
Dueces and Traes, twist ya fingaz throw em up to God
Watch this Cashville nigga as I lead the four stars
Yeah you see me oil spill niggas, BP
I got Texas ways put dueces and ya traes


[Big Pokey:]
Throw them dueces up and the traes too
On the duece-dueces up and them K's too
I don't play fool all this cash I'm stackin'
Assualt rifled up bitch like I'm mad Iraq
They say if a nigga fall on ya he'll roll on ya
You blessed and try'na progress he'll prolong ya
Best thang for a hater keep him out my reach
Cause Sensei he'll fade a nigga like a bottle of bleach
Scott Blocc in this bitch and it's on and poppin'
Straight drop in this bitch nigga zones is lockin'
My banger is black, the swaggers are turning
If I catch him playin games this banger will burn him
Yeah I'm hard on a chick, I mash on em
In this Spurg gettin head countin cash on em
Crock-woollier till the winter yet we play to win
Mob style Cashville nigga ABN

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