Gittin High Testo

Testo Gittin High

[Gittin gittin gittin high high high'.

Smokin' smoking' big killa'] [Repeated over and over]

Mr Rogers'

I'm still in it homie yeah I aint never left
A couple mo problems under my belt got me pacing my steps
This year alone been enough to make me feel like my life aint the same
Everybody watchin cause these haters keep callin my name
I thought it be greater when it come to fame
But all this roachin shit they put you through have you smoking your life away maine
Still I don't blow at all, I choose to maintain
Cause whether I get high or not my stress gon be the same thang
Lord knows it aint easy being me, it aint easy keeping it g
Knowing less than a day from now you aint promised to see
I never light or roll it up cause I can fight the pressure
Feelin I was next watchin my brother HAWK lay on the stretcher
They say im crazy cause I never let my strain out
Everything stuck in my brain, it made it hard to take the stain out
I do a song to take the pain out
And if I wasn't me id probly get a sac and try to blow my brains out'


Lord knows if I couldn't maintain and I wasn't used to goin in with pain'
Then id probly be gittin high'
If they aint never introduced me to fame or set my ass to live my life in the rain'
Then id probly be gittin high'
Stress got a nigga sittin low and if I aint know what I was livin fo homie
Id probly be gittin high'
Smoking big killa smoking smoking big killa'
Lord knows id probly be gittin high'

Im in my zone now everything feel wrong now
For the first time in a long time im on my own now
My life gon always be realer than most of these folks
They never understand what I be watchin inside of these locs
Its hard to determine why people around ya
Knowin the real reason they come around aint for love while they kick it around ya
I take it slow and live it one day at a time
And blow my thoughts out with this pen instead of dro to ease a nigga mind
That aint no knock on gittin high homie
But I choose to live my life kicking it sober checkin niggas who get fly homie
I watch my surroundings like my surroundings watchin me
Stayin four steps ahead of them and and drop em if they blockin me
Yeah it aint easy but im known to hold it down
I seen my patna shop brotha leave home and he still aint been found
Its been two years but still we fight to never lay him down
And pray he don't get called and have to put his people under ground

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