Interlude (T.I. Speaks) Testo

Testo Interlude (T.I. Speaks)

They say these suckers prayin’ the weaker gangs are the stronger
Nigga, you know what I’m sayin’?
I also heard, God look out for babies a goddamn fool
Well I’m a goddamn fool
And get what?
God there lookin’ out for me

Hustle Gang bitch
GDOD get dough with that follow fly nigga
You understand that?
I got my nigga Trae Tha Truth in this bitch with the Blackprint, you know what I’m statin’?
Get what?
We give a fuck ‘bout what you suker niggas got to say
We give a fuck ‘bout what you whole niggas do
You know why?
You niggas pulled straight form that Accrima
You can’t push no nigga over a nigga like me
Sucka ass nigga, bitch ass nigga, broke ass nigga
We could just sit back nigga
Just sit back and observe motherfucker
Real niggas grind the motherfuckin’ scrits nigga
I don’t give a fuck what nobody got to say
Fuck this new shit
All you new niggas got the game fucked up homie
Fuck the bullshit nigga
I respect my niggas, you can’t even get the time of day from ‘em nigga
Fuck your tone back
Trae hall at ‘em
Nigga ask me if you can shout
We goin’ goddamn slow so sit down
Fuck you mini niggas
That shit spat that shit up
ABN grand hustle nigga
Asshole by nature
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