No Lie (Freestyle) Testo

Testo No Lie (Freestyle)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Home niggas bow down, I’m asshole number 1
Tell ‘em I don’t really give a fuck
In an all-black Porsche legs been locked on my seats
If I get ‘em ain’t no pull I’m tryna plu-plu-pluck these niggas
Maybe either one about is pussy
Matter fact tell ‘em give it up but I put your hands up
Trae here to shut this bitch down and I already teared these niggas ass up
Wussup? You lookin’ at the realest nigga livin’
Yea I’ve been that since birth ‘til I end up in a hearse
Nigga I’m the king of the streets
I’m the king cuz I say it’s my turf
But it ain’t put a nigga in the paper like Lisa’s Michael
Put the whole club under water – what cycle?
Eyes on me when I walk on these gates
With a bitch outside - shotgun, no riffle
When I’m done she gets swapped up
Niggas in our pussies so they get beat up
My swag crack but I’m locked up
Tell you everything – you get beat up
Down there so loud, nigga they ain’t never gotta speak up
Put a nigga bitch face down tell to eat up
Until I finish up don’t fuck a nigga seed up
Look I ain’t really got time just beat up
Coop of the wrist ain’t cover champagne
Certified champ, motherfuckin’ nigga rain
Something like Dwayne Wade, LeBron James
Elections, join a real nigga campaign
Niggas pissed that I’m on
It’s like I can’t get turned off
They asking why my voice sound like that
I tell the motherfucker I’m the south

Real niggas say word
I ain’t never told no lie, I ain’t never told no lie

Every time a nigga weird as if a nigga gotta hit the stand
I ride for my niggas I die
Real nigga say Truth like they keep yelling my name
Yea, they keep yelling my name
I was only in the hood, tell ‘em I ain’t never gonna change
The leader of the NBA Gang
Leader of the NBA Gang
Leader of the NBA Gang
Leader of the NBA Gang
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