Still My Nigga Testo

Testo Still My Nigga

God bless the dead

[Hook: R Kelly]
Even tho you gone you will always be my nigga
Yeah we made it home I'm still missing you my nigga
I'm feeling like the time it was wrong my nigga
Do your shilling down saying carry on my nigga
Sometimes my light skin get long my nigga
Sometimes I feel God did me wrong my nigga
So I had to write a song my nigga
Just to let you know that'cha still my nigga

I wish, I wish, I wish (woah why)
I wish, I wish, I wish (still my nigga)
I wish, I wish, I wish (woah why)
I wish, I wish, I wish (still my nigga)
I wish, I wish, I wish (woah why)
I wish, I wish, I wish (still my nigga)
I wish, I wish, I wish (woah why)
I wish, I wish, I wish

[Verse 1:]
What's been up with'cha homie, I know it's been a minute
I'm going through it thinking how the fuck it ever ended
I'm feeling like it wouldn't meant for them to come and get'cha
Damn it goin be hard to expect it knowing I wouldn't with'cha (fuck)
I only pray that'chu in heaven I'm going through hell
It ain't easy fighting with pain when you know I'm so well
Sometimes I wish I can see you and just talk
Grab my kicks and giva fuck where we going and just walk
But instead it's like I'm all alone, everything going wrong
This shit got me confused, like were the fuck is home
I spend my nice away in places where I don't belong
Today I got the right to hurt I'm sick of being strong
Memories of me and you left me in touch with anger
Now me and my smile look at each other like we total strangers
It's like I'm running on emotion covered up with pride
The day you left the day that something inside of me died



[Verse 2:]
A couple hours on my knees praying heavy til I fall asleep
Struggling to live still I'm trying seven days a week
Looking at this picture of you only got me stressing hard
Tho I know it's wrong I feel like who am I to question God (who am I)
I only wish that I can bring you back my nigga
You kept it real so I'm a do just that my nigga
Today I'm here but nothing guarantee the latest
Shit I just got on the news and seen they just murdered the homie Gatta
They say the time here wounds in the hands of life
Mine a came and when I feeling like I missed it twice
I know we sacrifice but why you had to pay the price
Homie it was me and you but now it's me and rainy nights
And when I die it's where we pick up
You more than a brother don't ever once think I would switch up
I'm feel like I'm nothing but yet I stand when other niggas out here thanking I knew it when half ain't shown up at'cha way
And nothing real about


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