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Changed Testo Tramaine Hawkins

Changed Testo

Testo Changed

Il ritorno di Madonna: Rebel Heart è il nuovo album
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Lead: A change , a change has come over me.

Chorus: He changed my life and now I'm free.

Lead: He washed away all my sins, and he made me whole,

Chorus: He washed me white as snow.

Lead: He changed, my life complete, and now I sit , I sit at his feet. To do what must be done, I'll work and work, until he comes.

Chorus: A wonderful change has come over me (x2)

Lead: Lord youv'e changed
Chorus: Changed
Lead: Youv'e changed my life complete
Chorus: Changed
Lead: And now I sit
Chorus: Changed
Lead: I sit at my Saviours feet,
Chorus: I'm so glad you changed me
Lead: to do
Chorus: Changed
Lead: What must be done
Chorus: Changed
Lead: lord I'll work and work, until he comes.
Chorus: I'm so glad he changed me

(repeat with own fill ins)

Ex: you've changed my way of walking Lord.
Youv'e changed my way of talking Lord

Scarica la suoneria di Changed!
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