Holy One Testo

Testo Holy One

[Verse 1:]
Day is almost night,
I don't want to lose this fight,
I've fooled around much too long.
Now I've been laxed,
but I don't want to look back
I know that I've done wrong.

[Verse 2:]
Give me the strength I need
to be able to succeed,
and I will heed to Your every command.
And to everyone I'll show,
my purpose and my goal,
and in You, I'll be able to stand.

Holy one,
I never want to let you down no more.

[Verse 2]


Oh, I'll never let You down no more.
Never, [x4]
I'll never let You down no more.

[Vamp 2:]
Never let You down

I'll never let You down no more,
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