Christmas Concerto Testo

Testo Christmas Concerto

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran

After the song was over
nearly every person there
went to the cathedral's basement
and started setting up tables and chairs

for that night this church would feed
any person in life who had less
and both those that gave and those that received
left that night feeling blessed

then the angel remembered something
that his lord's son had once said
on how one truly followed him
when words and acts were wed

some people claim to follow him
but themselves they just deceive
for his lord's son had said,
“you will know who truly follows me
not by what they say, but by their deeds”

and this church was clearly filled
with kind people of goodwill
but the angel had more time left on this night
and continued to search on still

so the angel left the parishioners
with their christmas meal in happy bliss
and returned once more to the hotel
to make sure that there was no one there he had missed

and passing by a village square
he heard a brass quartet
whose christmas concerto in the key of g
he felt lighten his every step


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