A Gang (English) Testo

Testo A Gang (English)

Once upon a time . . . an old man was
tired of unkindness, so decided to run away
and when he heard that far
they was looking for singers
he decided that someone like him
might be accepted.

As he went along the road,
the man met a skinny boy

"Come with me.
Just wait and see....
you'll find a job too.
Just wait and see!"

A little later a stray girl,
With blue hair and shining eyes
joined them and the trio
reached a town.
As they passed a farmyard,
they stopped to admire an elderly woman who,
with a clear look, was
singing to the sky.

"Come with me.
Just wait and see....
you'll find a job too.
Just wait and see!"

The night fell, in the distance
they saw a light.

"There is London! MY friends"
"Where is London? Where is fortune?"
"I can't see..."
"...I can't believe..."

But light came from a little cottage and they crept up to the window.
The old man placed his hands
on the window ledge.
But the cottage was the hideaway
of a gang of bandits.
They was there with money food and wine
The old man and his friends
became excited when
they saw the food on the table.

But they don't know who the fellows were.
Maybe actors. Maybe musicians.
Really, The only thought in their mind was about that food.
The man toppled his three
companions on to the lamp.
The light went out and the room rang with
braying barking snarling and screeches.
"The Devil! The Devil!" And the bandits abandoned meal.
"Run!" screamed the bandit.
And so the man, the skinny boy, the stray girl and the elderly woman took over the house
and lived happy for many years.

Once upon a time...an old man was
tired of the quietness and
decide to run away
left the house and friends
he took the way to a place
in which unkindness reigned
in which people was sad

"Travelling for many years
I finally am here
But really I don't know
The reason why I left

Where is London? Where's my crew?
Where is happiness? where am I?
I can't see!
I can't believe!
What a life! Walk and walk and
Try and hope and walk and walk and
What a life! Leave and walk and
Try and hope and walk and walk

..But home is everywhere and I can't move!"
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