Remain Testo

Testo Remain

(lyrics by Lorenzo Esposito e Paola Valandro)
expired time, you trick
not fine this bed of thorns
I've lost my time on useless white papers
I get so tired of listening to you bad friend
I don't care about stupid jokes
that pretty smile on your face
mind you, better you go your own way
you say words and words and words and words
Leave me

can you stop the pain
do you mind to shake your brain
close your eyes again
you keep on wasting time away
do you mind if I break your head
I'd like to know if there's anybody in there
'cause nothing else can bore me like you
you scream and laugh and laugh and laugh
fuck you

every day words rewind old stories
(day by day) words rewind old stories

do you mind if I launch a lull of cuss
lull of cuss I never done before
I have a list a copybook full of a lot of cuss
lull of cuss I've never done before.

treasure's hidden in the corners
close the windows, it could fly away
the remain cover our bareness
silent sex is a good remedy
do you mind to turn the lights?
do you mind, yes, do you mind?
do you mind to close the door?
do you mind, do you mind?

are you trying to hear me
sleep for ever little sheep
I'll take care of you
I'm here to cook

are you trying to hear me
no one innocent can lie
be calm, I'll sing for you
my nightly lullaby
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