Broke Nigga Make Me Sick Testo

Testo Broke Nigga Make Me Sick

Broke niggas make me sick(throw up) Broke bitches talk to much(Traaaavvvvviee)
[chorus]y'all fuck niggas make me sick in the club yall think yall stuntin
these hoes on my dick tryna get a little check bitch you a'int bout nothin
wake up in the mornin and go for the day go get this money feel some type of way when a broke nigga round me kinda feel funny(whhyy)
Bro bro broke niggas make me sick (throw up)
Broke niggas make me sick (throw up)7x's

[verse 1] Ali
hold up im back on
exclusive fash-on
this lil' italian im fuckin up her back bone
dont speak her language so i order me rosetta stone
you know the pimpin strong
you know the mack strong
stay wit a mixed bitch
aint on no shrimp shit
lil shawty say she want a nigga wit some benefits
well thats me
go buy the name of ali
but some hoes call me lakeem
and im slick under 6 feet
so that means im 5'8" and yes you know the sex great
i can take you to my place and then fix you a dinner plate
my nigga do real estate so i got cribs across the states
baby if you tryna stay den move dem panties out the way (goooone)


[verse 2] Quez
she said broke niggas make her nauseous
better watch ya back cause you still in the club shawty getting causous.. (cuz nigga you broke)
and in my pocket i keep chedda cheese
and on my shrimp alfredo ima need some extra cheese
dont get in my car and if you do dont scratch my leather please (oh no)
and im kinda low so first can you turn up my levels please(now to turnt up)
now now who let all these girls in
and if these girls in here they bet not be your girlfriends
and if it is then i guess its gone be some drama
my bank account got commas (commas) commas (commas) and im thinkin about buyin a mcdonalds (hahaha)
boy you crazy
but you gettin paid
now all these ladies want yo baby
broke niggas make me sick ughhhh


[verse 3] Strap
ok i know how to ball..
what do you know how to do?
you niggas to small...
stomp you like dem kappa dudes
thats what all da bitches say
and i cant even lie,
im feelin like a trick today
bout to throw a tip away,
this what all the strippers say
baby i got two jobs
i do this and real estate
you know she get super cake
broke niggas make her sick (throw up throw up throw up)
cause broke niggas aint bout shit
like how you in the club 20 niggas and one bottle
im higher than a kite in a whip with all these models
money respect and power
dollas and dollas and dollas and mo dollas
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