College Girl Testo

Testo College Girl

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
I got me a college girl
She is the best girl in the world
She loves to take shops with the homie
She never leave me lonely
She is my one and only
College girl
I got to meet a college girl

College girl I love the romance
I remember when I went to pick her up for some ..
She used to go to George state she used to be a ..
Get her in the .. she scratched a nigger like a panther
And she takes shops with the homie
Her favorite food is pizza so she loves the peperoni
AKA .. she is sensitive
I don't fuck with other bitches cause ..
Got a good hair on the shoulder
Together will go older
She is young now but until she graduates ..


I got a college lady
Born in the 80
She is a granny baby
Graduate from ..
That's in high school
She is in Harvard now
She is so far away now
I am sending flowers
Every time she is busy
You know we are hanging out
And when I am not around
I am all she thinks about
That's my Harvard girl
Checked out my spelling girl
Shorty treats me real good
You better tell them girl
No overnight visitations
So I am snicking in
And when I am beating her
The whole room ..
I can't stay late
So six in the morning I am gonna stay
College is where she wants to be
I got a college girl come stay with me
Watching a thing it don't even matter
I made it to the party
Put my baby on the ..
.. send him a baby
When I am on the road
I'll be thinking of my baby
You say you love her
.. miles away
I wish she will know .. away

I love college
And college girl
So shout out to my colleges all around the world

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