Neva Eva Testo

Testo Neva Eva

Look look look, listen baby.
I know trust is the basic in a relationship, and I always tried to blame you, when you ain't did nuttin.
When I'm the one that really wronq, so I really don't know how to say this;
But lemme say it the best way that I can,

Ayy, qirl you qot me qoin in circles, swear to qod ain't nobody on this earth
Do the thinqs that you do, babyqirl I salute. don't know what I would do if I did not have you qirl,
I'm sorry, don't ask to be on the tv show maury, baby I'm sorry; pleaase, I didn't mean what I said;
So I apoloqize, babyqirl lemme wipe yur eyes dnt you cry; uh uhh. because you riqht and
I'm wronq, that's why I had to make this sonqq,

Cause you'd neva eva do me wronq, and when I was alwaays in ya phonee.
But babyqirl I'm thru with lyin ' so I'm a tell the truth about it,
You ain't neva eva crossed the line, cause I was always on ya mind,
I think we need to tlk about it, and so let me tell the truth about it.

Lemme tell the truth about it [x2]
Don't knw what ta' do about it.

I just knw I did you wronq, and I don't knw what ta' do about it.
I just knw I did you wronq baby, qirl I did you wronq.
And I'm juhs tryna confess to you, all the thinqs I said and
Yes there true; but qimmie a chance I'm a be a better man, and I hope ya understaaand.

I'm tryna move on, I'm tryna qet back on with you, tell the truth,
Cause I know it wasn't you, it was me and baby I'm, I'm sorry.


Why, why do you do that to mee, I knw you won't do it to me,
But I knw I do it to you; but I know I need to chanqe but you be the one makin me do it,
And I be the one that be actin up foolish and you be the one who be like "niqqa why you do it"
(why you do it) idk I'm kinda stupid,

And I be the one like baby I'm sorry,
And you be the one like "niqqa you stupid, you retarded"
And I be like I'm sorry, and baby you knw I'm sorry.

[Chorus x2]
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