Run Back To Me Testo

Testo Run Back To Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Why can't we try
To find each other one more time
Oh Lord oh Lord
Help me hold on

Three o' clock in the morning
And my feet are wearin' out the floor
After all the time you've been gone Baby
I keep hopin' I might hear your key in the door

Baby baby I'm cryin'
Every minute I'm dyin'
Oh I need you so much

If the new world you found
Is bringin' you down
Baby just run back to me
You don't have to call
Say nothin' at all
Baby just run back to me
'Cause in my arms
You have a home forever

It was hard when you left me
But you said you needed time alone
I could hide self-indulgent emotions
'Cause I never really thought you'd be gone so long

Baby baby I'm grievin'
I need your love to believe in
I'm still holding on


Why can't we try
To find each other one more time
Why can't we fly above the dark foreboding sky
I'm still holding on


Don't walk
Run back to me
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