Still Not Over You Testo

Testo Still Not Over You

You know
Baby sometimes you dont miss your water until your well runs dry
See you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink
You can give a man your heart and sould but you can't make him think
But now I see you're not only a part of my heart, you're a part of me

Im having a hard ime

Trying to get you off my mind The truth is I'm still in love with you, yeah
Gotta get on with my life
Let your memory go
But I find that it's easier said than done

You see babe
I can't let go, no no no
Just cant let go (just can't let go)

It might take a thousand years or maybe more
Just to find someone else that I adore
You know that baby you mean so much to me
All I have are broken memories
A lifetime ain't long enough
To erase the feelings of your touch
It's sad to think I'm still not over you

No other sound, babe, is
Quite as sweet as your name
When I think that its over
I start to cry over again
It was pride on my lips
But believe it was not in my heart
Come see upon me baby
We could have a brand new start

Cause I can't let go, no no no
You see baby I
I just can't let show (just can't let go)


Duh dub duh (duh dub duh)
Baby, Baby, Baby
Duh dub duh (duh dub duh)

See I can't let go, no no no
You see baby that I
Just can't let go, can't let go

**Chorus** til fade
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