I Am The Future Testo

Testo I Am The Future

I'm getting started to get this money
I've been really really hungry
I've been trying to put my cd on my...
All I have try to hold me back
Boy what's wrong with that
I am the future [repeats]

I think it's time to get it
I'm committed
Doing this for my city
I'm from Philly
Gangsta in the hole
There are sending us back to Philly
Got me locked up
Sign with me silly
Honestly we've been here
They silly are waiting
Going in peace it out
It was time that we take it
Looking out at a star
A star in the making
We are a group of star
So you can call us constellation
And we don't believe in luck
I think GOD blessed us
Cause we struggled enough
Now it's time to live without
I'm trying to... crib
And a diamond...
Girls used to think
That it's not a... to get with us
Used to talk down
Now they're all looking up
... game shitting of
Troop 41
Look us up


Meet me in the future
I'm way past out
... my money stuck...
You got me all
... wanna see me fucked
But I was burn in the winter
So I will never fuck
... never smoke
Let it up
I ain't never been to...
But your boy let...
... like I've just been arrested
I saw my... like I've just been sainted
I am the future
I'm chilling with the...
Rapping up this lame boys
They are the present
I'm a bitch star
Now get a light shine
Show my love
But I came in the right time
I'm on my right ground
Lost in first
But now I'm in my right mind


I am the future [repeats]
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