Loaded Testo

Testo Loaded

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
you walk me home and what do we talk about? you're lips are sand, throwing pictures out, i drop my mind and you fill me in gladly, i once believed how you decive and i loved it all madly, everyday and i see you slip away, loaded, turn my face and i feel like comming down, unfaithfully dead, now you come alive, you're a symphony of sweet pain and pride, you lay me down now, we're silently drowing, i take your hand what you command, and i shout it out loudly, everday and i see you slip away, loaded, i turn my face and i feel like comming down again, i turn my face and i feel life comming down, you're red light flash, but your car's in drive 22,17 and you make the scene, do you fell alive? you walk me home, and you're fashionably sounding i swear my man gonna take a stand, and i'll bury you proudly

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