Wash Away Testo

Testo Wash Away

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Sad memories the gatherig rain brings
I loved her but I'll never see her again
Clouds raise their heads in the morning
the way I once walked on by her
But now she's gone and I'll never raise my face again

White horses dragged my lover from me
the clouds rushed in and drowned my sorrow with the rain

My friends try to lift me
they understand how I'm feeling
but the truth holds me down
she came and went with the rain

White horses dragged my lover from me
The clouds rushed in and drowned my sorrow...
with the rain

Now always the storms come...
Raindrops run down my windows
All that's left is her picture
but someday it to will
wash away...
wash away...
I watched her walk away,
with the rain
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