Hail And Farewell To Britain Testo

Testo Hail And Farewell To Britain

Once upon a slime
I thought you royalty
I would never have questioned
Your loyalty
Don't act so surprised
I saw through your disguise
But with friends like you
Who needs enemas

Up until recently
Never had a clue
I must admit
I pity you

I'm through with your kind
Cause you've wasted my time
Please do not release them
Lord, knows what they do

I can't believe how cruel life is
Emotional blackmail
Makes me sick, oh so sick

Who is to blame for constant shame on you
These words I use, don't confuse with cool
This misfortune, not lost but won deserved
Choosing is hard
Careful which god you serve

Traitors many, surrounding me cowards
Conspiracy so clear to see flowers
We were brothers 'til discovered
Deceit tried with treason
That's the reason you're beat

All hail and farewell to Britain
All hail and farewell to thee
All hail and farewell to England
All hail and farewell to me
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