Lights On Testo

Testo Lights On

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
[Tyrese Talking:]
So im on the phone wit this shorty right? haha
So im like, baby we about to do this,
so why you want the lights on?
haha, so u know
i figured out,
it seemed like the watch was goin down,
so i was like iight, its somethin new but, im bout it

[Verse 1:]
She got the kind of love that make you wanna stand up in the club singin 'go shorty',
She got the kinda of drop that make a nigga wanna go out and cop,
anything that she wanted,
She got the heat to light the ass like fire,
and if you need a hit, i dare you to trya trya trya, baby girl itll get ya higher higher higher,
she'll have ya feelin like woahhhhcuz aint nobody betta at workin that thang out,
and she'll work it out and turn the lights out,

Shorty like it better with the lights on,
Shake a little harder with the lights on,
and when she get to feelin the groove,
then she get into you,
and bet cha she'll keep ya comin

[Verse 2:]
She got the kind of cut that'll keep ya messed up,
and if you fall up and then slip in,
She got the crazy butt,
that'll have you like what the f....
ohhhh yeahh,
when they come up missin,
She's got a crib and knows how to use it,
and when she got you beat she aint about to lose it lose it lose it
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