Switch It Up Testo

Testo Switch It Up

I ain’t trying to be your niggers’ favorite rapper,
I ain’t trying to outdo you niggers and battle against you, niggers,
( ‘cause they ain’t ready, nigger, they ain’t ready)
I ain’t trying to sell more records than you, niggers, in all that corner and shit.
( they ain’t ready)
And I know you niggers don’t like me, but imma make you respect me.
( they gotta respect you, nigger)
I ain’t coming to play no games, nigger.

I’m here to stay, I tried to tell you niggers I was a problem,
But you involved them, and now they can’t solve ‘em,
There’s some grown ass man shit, fuck a bitch,
No disrespect but of the shoe fist wearing,
Man, I take this rap shit serious,
Press play if you’re curious, I’m pregnant with these rhymes,
Now it’s time to deliver this to all you niggers that have your doubts.
Now I’m laughing at you, niggers, you can’t be serious.

My whole career I had nothing but chicks,
And in my audience I figured it I’ll switch it up a little bit.
Yeah, I’m mean, and I still gonna sing
‘till I’m back to my hotel room and do my thing.
I’ve been listening to nursery rhymes,
A long time niggers rhyming about cars they don’t drive.
So when I speak about a house on a hill, a GT Coop, I’m speaking the truth.
It’s Black Ty, motherfucker.
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