The Hustle Testo

Testo The Hustle

I only did it for the hustle, Gettin money on the block
Paper G's won't stop All I know is gettin fast dough
Credit Cards and Jewels Breakin all the rules

I used to drive cars now I got me a chauffer I used to drive a range
Now I whip that Rover 4 dot 6 be attracting the chicks Upgraded to
The supercharge, Now I'm in charge, Man I stay fresh to death like
A million bucks Reminiscing about me MCin and suits and trucks
12-30-78 be my D.O.B. A rap star was born Yeah I'm talkin bout me
I be low key, pimpin on my SK3 I'm a west coast nigga reppin 213
I've been rich for years I surpassed my peers the only nigga that's
Gettin bread from 4 different carreers It's from the hustle


Nigga we play hard or don't play at all, Promise to make it rain in
Exchange for drawers I'm in a strip club a 12-pump minimum is
Required of you or no dough for you You keep beggin me to make
You holla Your flea bites and bullet holes give me change for a dollar
Girl I don't do tricks, tricks are for kids you're butt naked on the
Pole starin at me like you with it! Well if you with it it's a 12-pump
Pass It ain't no fun if the homies can't, you know the rest I ain't got
A G-5 by trust but I got a Mr. Belvedeer cleanin all my silverware
For the Hustle


All my niggas on the floor gettin money let me see ya put your hands up. All the independant ladies gettin money let me see ya put your hands up [x1]



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