What Took You So Long Testo

Testo What Took You So Long

So Long (11x)

1st Verse
It's been taking forever don't know where you are
You had it before you even had my heart
No use of looking, I know your what I want
I've been searching and searching can't find where you been
Wish I could put my finger right on it (oh)
I cant' describe it but I know this feelings real

Tell me where to meet you (meet you)
Do anything to see you (see you)
Anytime night or day
I'll already know you when I see you ( see you)
Kiss your hand and greet you (greet you)
So won't you be on your way

It's like I already know you
Before I even meet you
What took you so long bae (what took you so long bae 2x)
It's like I already love you
Before I even meet you
What took you so long bae (what took you so long bae 2x)

2nd Verse
These past days fly by
Waiting for you to come in and change my life
Knew it was you because it just felt so right
This energy your giving me (giving me)
Is so familier
So baby take this moment to remember me (remember me)
Cause I'll be gone till November



Seems like I waited all my life
For you to get here
Feels like everyday is Valentines
365 a year
Your everything and so much more
(Everything I want)
Girl it's you I adore
And I hope and pray (hope and pray)
You stay with me (you stay with me)
Like love I've always known


I should apologize
For assuming I already knew you
There was something so familier about you...
Touch, your kiss, and every stoke of your body
So my question is
What took you...so long
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