Oh America Testo

Testo Oh America

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. One Love & Rasta Don)

Oh America, land of the free
Your flag is flying, but it looks dirty to me
Oh America, home of the brave
Anywhere you go you're leaving too many graves

The chest is so big but the brain is too small
The whole world's crying out 'just stop the wars'
Don't care about the climate, don't care about the poor
You don't seem to care about too much at all

You say you're with God but you wield Satan's sword
With kangaroo courts you just make up your laws
No human rights oh yes we know the score
The bogey man is close, he may live next door

When the floods came down it showed all your old traits
Condemned your own people on the basis of race
Why leave vulnerable people in a vulnerable place?
Its a crying shame, it's a freaking disgrace

I say the government man, them seem to get it wrong
Them seem to make a whole heap of bad decision
Time fe good Americans to stand up strong
Like the friends over there we know for so long
Stand up firm, me say, stand up strong
Time fe mek a new day, we no love Babylon
Me say, stand up firm, me say, stand up strong
Time fe mek a new day, we no love Babylon
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