Trainrise In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii) Testo

Testo Trainrise In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Ïîåçä ïî Ðîññèè - èä¸ò è èä¸ò
Ïîåçä ïî Ðîññèè - ñòî ãðàìì è âïåð¸ä
Ïåðåñòóê êîë¸ñ - íåîáüÿòíà äàëü
Ïîåçä íàñ óí¸ñ - ê íà÷àëó âñåõ íà÷àë

Here I tell my story
Believe what I have seen
And nothing had prepared us
The welcome we received

Coming back from Kazakhstan
The gear has not arrived
The fans geared up and ready
We rocked them for their lives

With Igor and with Fitty
Naked in the car
Shouting at each other
Who the fuck's the Tsar

Swetlana was a darling
Her face will never fade
She made Lorenzo happy
Showed him the Russian way

And our crew was blinded
A challenge they did raise
The Russian guys were ready
And won the vodka race

When drinking with the pilots
A Southern Comfort round
Then Stefan's fear of flying
Came crashing to the ground

Parading for their victory
Army, Air and Corps
Looking up the building
Where Udo was the star

And when the tour is over
We're never quite the same
Already miss our comrades
Until we meet again
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