I Want To Believe Testo

Testo I Want To Believe

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Yeah yeah, I've heard it before
It's just a bunch more words that I'm sure to ignore
This time I'll need evidence, you know exhibit A
And if it's secret, leak it, give it away
You'll drop hints, but never a fact
And it's a trap, gonna have to do better than that
I don't wanna be a fool, I'm feeling naive
So please write it all down, leave it easy to read
In clear, concise, nice plain English
I get tripped up trying to distinguish
The pimp from the pastor, meek from the moocher
So tell me then, are you a friend or a user
Who sets a trap like a web to a fly
So come right and exact, look me dead in the eye
And don't sell me, promise me, tell me
Honestly, why

Can you give me some kind of sign
A meaning defined so I can believe
Can you give me a way to be sure
I can trust in your word
Cause that's what I need
Can you give me a reason for change
You'll need to explain so I can believe
Can you give me a moment of truth
And indisputable proof cause that's what I need

Because I wanna believe, I wanna believe
Because I wanna believe, I wanna believe

Ok I made my point, I'll need to see it to believe it
And anyway, faith is so inconvenient
Dealing with the guilt, feeling hypocritical
I just end up being sick and miserable
Life's fast, I need to try to maximize
Self gratify, till I collapse and die
What then, I don't wanna think about it
It's too deep, I gotta keep my head clouded
So give me entertainment and happy pills
And we'll pretend it's all sunshine and daffodils
It's what I've done since I was two years old
And if it's true you can lose your soul
Well I just laugh at your statement of facts
Don't say absolute, you'll get taken to task
I don't really wanna change and my life is in vain
Then I ask


Because I wanna believe, but I don't wanna believe
Because I wanna believe, but I don't wanna believe
I wanna believe, but I don't wanna believe

Einstein take me on outta here
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