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Testo Soho

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The streets are narrow and broken down
But there's a heart in there beating
And every freak on every street
Plays out tonight - Go see them

Soho, don't you wanna go?
Steaming in Soho

There goes the king
In a stretched limousine
Passing by the beggar
Every door and ally churning out a beat
Rock 'n' Roll this is your future

Soho, don't you wanna go
Steaming in Soho

There is only one place in this world where the world is in one place

So if you think that life's a drag
And it's getting you down
Get out, get that train
Just take a ride to Soho town

Soho, don't you wanna go
Steaming in Soho
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