Violent Revolution Testo

Testo Violent Revolution

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Violent revolution is here alright it's real
Sometimes I'm violent sometimes I loot and steal
You don't need excuses there's just one thing you know
Well there's so much depression one day it's bound to explode

So this is violent revolution that's what we feel today

I walk in the city I get grief day and night
Got this feeling so bad I could cut the air with a knife
Your heart's filled with hate and your feelings you can't hide
And the sad thing about it is you've got no tears left to cry

So this is violent revolution what we are feeling today

This is the age of a miracle and machine
They build you frustration when they promised you a dream
And if you have the power no matter if they're left or right
They deprave you, exploit you so one day you turn round and fight

So this is violent revolution that's what we're feeling today
Yeah that's what we're feeling today yeah that's what we're feeling today
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